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Group B Rally Car

OK - letting the cat out of the bag now...the secret project has been a Group B Mazda RX-7 Rally Car.

Parts have been flying in from all across the globe and the transformation of the body is now starting to take shape as you can see below.

Rally Car project Rally Car project

The brake discs were machined in house and we think the engraving of the Love Motorsport logo on the rotor housing looks pretty cool.

Rally Car project Rally Car project

As you can see, this new car will have plenty of wheel travel with the suspension setup ensuring a smooth ride for the crew. We'll keep updating as more progress is made.

The Current Rally Car

The Mazda RX7 you see flying through the forests as a blue flash, didn't start out looking as good as she does right now.

Matt Love spent many hours creating each piece of the car to his exact specifications. From the body work to the mechanical tweaking, Matt has done the work himself.

The images below show the paint job part way through.

Rally Car project Rally Car project

Stripped down for her paint job, the Mazda was starting to look the part. The kids were always on hand to do some sanding and rally kids do.

If you thought you were going to find out all the secrets to the Mazda's speed and magic sound...sorry...that's strictly classified information.

Rally Car project Rally Car project